Instagram: from share… to sharer!

Some screens showing the proccess of Instagram Shared Folders new feature

“Two years ago, the social media giant Instagram undertook a bold move — it took the best product from Snapchat, its direct competitor, and added its own a twist to create Instagram Stories”.- 99Firms.

Challenge overview

Followed 4-days roadmap

Design Process

Design Thinking methodology

Research & Investigation

“When I want to send more than one photo I have to send one at a time and it is a drag”

“It would be nice to have something like Google Drive where you can add and remove users, so my friend can collaborate and add pictures.

This way the archives stay in the cloud and you don’t lost them nor fill up your phone.”

“Have a common place where several friends can share photos of the same topic and be able to add whoever they want to collaborate

“I would like that the stories and photos they send me could be saved in some way”

Defining the Problem

User Persona

Andy Handy User Persona

Ideating a Solution

  • How would the feature work?
  • Where and when is the best way to apply the feature?
User Flow

Prototyping & Testing

Some Hi-Fi iterations in the “Copy URL” flow
Iterating from button to toggle to activate the Private Move


Video showing the Instagram Shared Folders new feature

Next Steps

Instagram Shared Folders new feature’s Next Steps
  • Intelligent shared folder marcation: Explore futher the share options.
  • Push notifications: As for other Instagram actions, to have the option of activating push notifications for shared folders.
  • Group conversations on Instagram Direct: Facilitate the users to comment the shared content in Instagram, all the users of the same shared folder in the same place.

Key Learnings




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